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Tell your story with a personal esoteric painting

You can also commission an A3 size drawing on white paper

The tools I use

As an intuitive painter and intuitive empath through the years I've learned to understand the human being and other life forces and circumstances on a deeper level or dimension. It is this part of me that helps me paint more than just an imagery on canvas. You can have your own painting that lets you see just a little bit more of what it shows at first sight!

What's an esoteric painting?

An esoteric painting portrays some part of someones life, an object or a particular situation. Everything and every being consists of energy. This energy vibrates by the rate of its own frequency. This event can be translated on to a painting. I let the painting develop intuitively while putting focus on your specific event or vibration.

Order your personal esoteric painting

Beacon diptych 40 x 40, 40 x 40 cm cm acrylics on canvas 2013

Having the painting's energy work through you while looking at it, can bring insight on a situation or just make you connect on a deeper level with the subject.

Positive Energy!
An esoteric painting is always a valuable personal piece because it's always made with positive focused energy!

Placing your commission   

What I need from you
We'll discuss your wishes such as size and color scheme by telephone or in person and talk about the subject or situation you want me to base the painting on. A (hand written) letter can also be a good starting point.
Depending on the situation I'll need a photograph and or a description of the subject you want me to focus on. IF I need something else I'll let you know.

Outcome mood piece
The painting will be a representation of your subject with the energies that surround it translated on canvas. Color, materials and forms are used to capture that extra or hidden dimension regarding your subject. It's a mood piece!

Wedding Gift 2009 Acrylics on canvas 3: 20 x 20 cm

The painting will be painted in my own abstract figurative style with attention to details.

Extra poem or story
You will receive your painting with a poem or a clarifying story about my interpretation.

Serves a double purpose. You'll get a meaningful piece of art and also an meaningful view on your subject.

  • Give away an esoteric painting to someone dear to you or to yourself.
  • Make a special event even more meaningful by capturing it on canvas.
  • Starting your own business, why not let me paint a memorable piece portraying the path you have ahead of you.
  • Show the strength and direction of your new venture.
  • Show your essence or that of someone you love through a painting.

Terms and conditions
  • You get to see the progress once in the middle of the process, so I could make adjustments if you'd like
  • Your painting will be shipped to you when ready (costs for shipping, packaging and insurance and other additional costs are for the customer)
  • Or you can pick up your painting personally
  • It will take 4 to 12 weeks to finish your painting depending on the canvas size and amount of labour. If I need more time for the creative process I will discuss this with you
  • Payment can be made through bank transfer
  • First half of payment is due before I start painting, second half after you receive your painting
  • We can discuss your wishes without obligation for order. 
  • The canvas, paints and materials used are of Your  good quality.
More details here

Discuss your wishes without obligation

Paradise freedom 2013
Acrylics on canvas 50 x 70 cm

Steady perseverance 2007
Acrylics on canvas 80 x 60 cm

The Future is yours, 2007
Acrylics on canvas 40 x 50 cm

-Determine the Subject
-Write a (short)Letter about it
-Send photographs if available

A personal Mood Piece
to have or give away as gift

Comes with additional Poem or description of your painting

Show your Essence

I look forward to hear form you!
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