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May 10th 2017 

My exhibition in Restaurant Gallery de Kamer has come to an end. From May 1st the space was made available for the next artist to show her work. 

Thank you everyone for the positive reactions!

April 3rd 2017

Today was supposed to be the closing date for my exhibition at Restaurant Gallery de Kamer, but we've extended it for a while longer.

You are more than welcome to come and visit!

Photograph with Martine Meijerink

Exhibition - Gallery Restaurant de Kamer - Januari 9- April 3 2017 - update

Listen to the  interview  (Dutch) in the radio program "Call it a Day" on Zo!34 for more information about the exhibition.

Watch the video interview


Expositie restaurant de Kamer

Expositie - Galerie Restaurant de Kamer - 9 januari tot 3 april 2017

Dear Art lover,Creation of a Rebirth

From the 9 th of January until April 3rd Geneviève Gougon is exhibiting paintings, drawings and poems in Gallery Restaurant de Kamer in Emmen. Restaurant de Kamer is situated in a stylishly restored Saxon farm dating from 1864. This stylish historic atmosphere is the ideal place to combine good dining with beautiful art. Geneviève Gougon's work often times has an aura of mysticism with a profound message. Get to know her fantasy enriched and colorful paintings, organic pencil/water color drawings and poems. You will get a glimpse of the illusions and realities from life. You are more then welcome to come visit!

For more information: 
info @gougondesign.com, Telefoon: 06-57009445

Restaurant de Kamer
Marktplein 7
7811 AM Emmen
T:: 0591 61 81 80

Playing is believing

Saturday 20 September

Gougondesign is at the Experience market (Emmerhout) with paintings, drawings and more. See you there!

For more information:  http://tiny.cc/zc9ulx

September 13, 2013

Art at Odds and Ends gift shop in Emmen

From September 13th until the 5th of January you can see my painting Grips of illusion exhibited and available for sale at Odds and Ends in Emmen. Grips of Illusion, 2010 - 50 x 70 cm

Odds and Ends offers unique gift items including  hand-made items from various artists such as paintings and jewelery.

Are you stopping by on Saturday September 14th to celebrate the move to another building? You are welcome from 9:30. Workshops start at 13:00-16:00.

The coffee's ready for you!

Read more about it in their Newsletter (Dutch)
                                                                                                                      Grips of Illusions, 2010
Acrylics on canvas
                                                                    50 x 70 cm in white wooden box frame

The store at de Baander 28, Emmen (near Albert Heijn) telephone: 0591-750700            

 Opening hours:
Monday closed
Tuesday from 9.30 to 17.30
Wednesday from 9.30 to 17.30
Thursday from 9.30 to 21.00
Friday from 9.30 to 17.30
Saturday from 9.30 to 17.00

Optician Store in Emmen

April 17th  till June 12th  2013

For further information on the location, please contact me and I'll be happy to provide it to you. 

Public Library Emmen
March 5th till April 2nd 2013

Bibliotheek Emmen (Centrale)
Noorderplein 101
7811 MG Emmen

tel. (0591) 681444

My work can be seen at Art Event Emmen 2011

During the Art Event 2011 form September 10th to September 24th you can admire the works of over 50 professional artists. Several entrepreneurs spread over the town center of Emmen have opened their stores to exhibit the art pieces. 

Cartouche damesmode Emmen Art Event 2011My paintings are also exhibited during this event at Cartouche women's fashion (Derkstraat 31) and Run2day sports wear (Derkstraat 2).

Both exhibitions are installed according to a theme, respectively  “The power of Grace” en “Start/finish”. Read about the themes in the stores or below.
theme descriptions: Cartouche
- Run2Day.Run2Day Sportswear Emmen Art Event 2011

It's the fifth time this event is organized. Art Event is an initiative of the  Art Event  Ondernemersfonds Emmen Centrum foundation with Gerald Janse as the organisor of this event assisted by artist Ingo Leth. A day of experiencing art; a visit to Emmen center is surely worth your while. 


"The power of grace" at Cartouche women's fashion
Cartouche damesmode Emmen Art Event 2011

The ladies of Cartouche damesmode, Ria de vries (L) en Roelie Jonkman (R).

Cartouche damesmode (Derkstraat 31, Emmen)
Cartouche damesmode Emmen Art Event 2011cartouche1577b.jpg
Cartouche damesmode Emmen Art Event 2011Cartouche damesmode Emmen Art Event 2011
Cartouche damesmode Emmen Art Event 2011
The paintings flow with the interior of the stores as if they've always been part of the interior. The pillars are excellent for hanging the smaller painting " women", while the beige wall complements the painting " Winter scape". There was no extra decor needed for the " swans in the reed"  in the store window except for the two reed bundles placed besides the paintings. Reeds and feathers can also be seen as material on the paintings. Graceful in simplicity is in this case the power of grace.

"Start / Finish" at Run2Day sports wear

Run2Day (Derkstraat 2),Emmen

Olmo Lung Ring bij Run2day Emmen Art Event 2011

Above you can see the symbolic loop from start to finish. It goes from the screen to the start sign above it, following the finish sign at the far end. Both signs are framed in an organically formed picture frame to accentuate the contrast.

The interaction between the colors in the clothing and shoes with the paintings emphasize each other.
The sneakerson the right with the finish sign in between are painted in the colors and style of the two exhibited paintings.

Scheper hospital Emmen
March 14th to May 16th

New Exhibition

September 10th to 24th  I'm exhibiting a few of my paintings during Art-Event Emmen. The exhibition will be held in a commercial space in the center of Emmen. More information on the exact location will follow shortly.

For more on Art-Event:

Mission accomplished!!! The Scheper Hospital is filled with new paintings.  You can see my newest work in the central hall of the Scheper Hospital Emmen.  The hospital hall is open from Monday to Sunday 7:00 until 20:30.

Below a preview in pictures and the invitation text. The online gallery is also updated with new paintings. 


From March 14th to May 16th Geneviève Gougon exhibits her acrylic paintings in the central hall and auditorium of the Scheper Ziekenhuis Emmen.

Time seems to go by much faster. Developments in an ever changing world follow each other rapidly. Our senses, over stimulated by our current society. More hectic, faster, harsher, busyer and more of everything. With her work Geneviève Gougon wants to challenge a different sense namely our inner eyes, our intuitive side.

Everything is made of energy. Thus are any of her paintings a translation of energetic experiences. Experiences which she portrays in an abstract or figurative manner with vibrant colours.
The principal being harmony, balance.

Geneviève Gougon is born in 1975 on Curaçao and has moved to Holland when she was ten years old. Creating has always been something she wanted to do. Making something out of nothing. During her studies Art and Design  (spacial presentation) and subsequently the studies for her teaching degree in visual arts education, both finished at the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden, she was educated in various processes of creation in different disciplines of arts and applied arts.

In this exhibition she wants to take the viewer along to a journey closer to him/herself, closer to everything by experiencing, by letting go.


Scheper Ziekenhuis
Boermarkeweg 60
7824 AA Emmen (The Netherlands)
Telefoon (0591) 69 19 11

Expositie Scheper Ziekenhuis Emmen

Exhibition Scheper Ziekenhuis (Leveste) Emmen

From March 14th  to May 16th  2011

Scheper Ziekenhuis
Boermarkeweg 60
7824 AA Emmen
Telefoon (0591) 69 19 11

Multifunctional center 't Vlechtwerk
Mandehof 13
8391 BG Noordwolde

September 3rd - October 14th
open Mo-Thu van 9:00 tot 17:00 
Entrance: free
Building : 't vlechtwerk
Location : Mandehof 13 Noordwolde (Weststellingwerf)

Info('t Vlechtwerk): 0561-430641
Organisatie: Werkgroep ExpoMent: tel. 0561-610327
e-mail: expoment@home.nl


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