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geschreven door Geneviève Gougon

De meerderheid van ons is geleerd dat wat onze zintuigen waarnemen werkelijkheid is. Maar onze zintuigen kunnen ons misleiden. Het punt is dat wij mensen meer zijn dan onze zintuigen alleen. Er bestaat ook een andere werkelijkheid. Eén die voorbij tijd en ruimte gaat en die absoluut is ongeacht de materiële vorm.

Als wij leren om deze werkelijke kant van ons en van het leven te begrijpen, kunnen we voorbij onze aardse werkelijkheid gaan die meestal gebaseerd is op lagere emoties en vibraties die de illusie voeden. Wij kunnen dan leren hoe onze volle potentie te gebruiken als multidimensionale wezens in de werkelijkheid. Het voedsel voor deze werkelijkheid is liefde en licht, de bouwstoffen van onze wezens. We kunnen niet zonder.

Wat is werkelijkheid en wat is illusie? Het proces begint met het stellen van deze vragen. Op weg om los te breken van illusie om zo een ongelimiteerd en vrij leven te leven. Van tijd tot tijd kunnen we zelfs klem komen te zitten tussen beide, maar dat geeft niet. Het hoort bij het proces.

Deze gedichten reflecteren de verschillende kanten van illusie en realiteit en alles wat zich daar ergens tussenin bevindt.

-When I look at you -Seeing through paint -Phoenix Rising
-Jouw Zee -Retirement -The waiting room
-Flow -Insensitive soul -Breath
-One -No strings attached -Sleep no more
-Beacon -Fool's Gold -Bitter fruits
-The other side of the track -Body Human -Fearless
-Mi ta kla (Papiamentu) -The Crossing -Cut the crap
-Smile -Gust of wind -Eyes on the road
-I am/Infinite -Dive in -Gevangen in vrijheid
-Captive in freedom-Some kind of Stupid-Drop
-Shine Realness!-Walk on by-Sick of it
-Seeer-Do you ever wonder-Mist
-Power-The Center-Life
-Time-Sit 'n See

When I look at you
Gedicht geschreven bij het schilderij: 

"Gathering together"  
Jouw Zee (15 juli 2009)

When I look at you
I see so much of You
do you see it all
look at you

A container, a body
filled with muscles and bones
Maybe even a little more

Thoughts, feelings
Memories, experiences
longing, desire, sadness and

Love, Happiness
success, warmth, compassion.
Yes, even that
When you look at you

When I look at you...
how complex you are
and yet so uncomplicated
If only you knew

Afraid of reality?
is that why you're hiding
soul, spirit, mind,essence
feelings, thoughts

So many strings of emotions
your unique ways
the good and the bad

When I look at you
(am I too close?)
I forget...

you don't know me
don't worry

When I look I can't help seeing
When I listen I can't help hearing
not what you are saying,

what you want to say
not what you're asking,
what you want to know
Not what you want me to see
but what you are
when I look I feel

So many strings of emotions
so much greater than you think you are
(even though you think you are)
so much Better than you behave yourself
(even though you think you do well)
so much more, if you'd only be
so more fun, if you'd only let go
Look at you

I sometimes forget...
It's you I'm looking at
If only I knew
I know

Jouw zee

Is altijd Kalm
Hoge licht -en liefde doorlatende muren
Niets anders kan er doorheen

Het rustige water kalm deinend over de bodem van de aarde
Spoelt over het zand
Trekt zich terug
Alles in de orde waarin het bedoeld is

Altijd kalm

Al lijkt wat je ziet stormachtig en wild
Kijk nog eens want het is een illusie
Meeuwen zweven boven je
Wachtend op hun kans voor prooi
Zoveel dreigingen
Of toch niet?

Toch niet.


Up above and down below
It's something all know
who walk the path of the Heart

You gotta BREATH

Filling your longs with Divine AIR
cleanses your being from despair
Leaving behind all negative thought
keeping you away from the one God


Call him Lord
Call him Allah
Call him God

Call him the one who lives within
Just call Him

Call him anything that keeps you inspired
But please just Respire

Flow Retirement

Finding Flow

Lost Flow
Never fLows
Neverending Flow

Went home,

took with me nothing.

Died a few times,

floating in space.

Came back to fulfill


Still floating in space?

Fully alive,

my joyous core

United with all

Ending the game




Seeing through paint Insensitive soul

Come with me

Lock into my energy

Don't be afraid
You wanna see something great?

Let me show you

Take your time
Don't rush it
Far away from that which isn't true

Can you see it?
Do you feel it?

It's penetrating your core
Finding it's way into your heart
your soul

All of a sudden...there it is
Open the door and step into the room
you didn't know was there before

Enjoy Life, Live, Love
Here there are no limitations

Oh you insensitive soul

Did you really think

there were no consequences?

Did you forget?

Such a long time ago

A long way away from home

Yet it was only seconds before

How convenient to forget

You insensitive soul

Walking dead

How could you abandon your soul

Fear is your companion

Such a trusty feeling

Never to become whole

The waiting room            (18-10-10) Body Human

Angels waiting

Calmly for their
Time to come

Waiting to reconnect

Is the world ready
for such a timeless act?
I have been here before
I'm just not sure
this time
it's gonna hatch

This Seed of Love
anchored deep in to every cell
I know, I know it well.

My body, my body
Why won't you let go
even though you know

Is it because you think
it will be the end of you?
'Cause you know things

will only just begin
Or is it because you don't know what to do?

My human, my human
Still fear the crossing?
Even though you know

Why don't you just let go

When it's time it will happen
Without the least of effort
When it's time things will flow
and become new
Yes, yes, even you!

Phoenix Rising OnE                  10-3-11                           

Poem accompanying the painting
 "Phoenix Rising"  



Time    to let go
            of all

Let us choose

For precious gifts
are waiting to be


Guiding me every step OF THE way
I Thank You 4 we R 1

You FLow through  me like THE widest RIVEr
I breath through you the most LiBERrating GASp
I THANK YOU for we are one

I FEEL your aLL YOu inspire ME
I await the NExt STep
I KNOW You wont let me fall for we R one
I thank you GReat 1
Beacon No strings attached

Tumultuous world, people looking for their way home
Pages flying empty yet so much to say
Find your tune, assemble your orchestra, play!

A life of blossom is given to you
Yet beware your choices
Make sure they're True

For although steps to be taken are not written in stone
and paths to be travelled may lead you to home,
the steps marked in sand overlap, creating the canvas of your soul
this is your map

It's not what's out there that you should be
It is what you are that you should see
... healed

May the waters of heaven be your beacon and nurture you
Emerging you into the comfort of Love

Find your story and make each word be worth the light of day
Maturing bird, freedom seeker, Love every living being like you are Loved

Waiting... then actions bold and undeterred for the beautiful days on your way
Book of limitless possibilities refreshing breath

You write your own story, you walk your own path.

Geneviève (Emmen, 7april 2013) part of esoteric painting: "Beacon"

Walking freely, so you think.
But the world is closing in on you,
before you even begin.
A life full of countless blessings.
That's what you were going for, so why wait?
No strings attached is what you live by.
But it's all about what you create!
There are no strings because you are attached to all.
Don't be afraid to cross, surely you won't fall.

Sleep no more

Oh All, Shake us
Shake us hard off from the grounds
we dwell on
Asleep during the day
Asleep during the night

Shake us hard
So hard we stop creating this
illusion we dwell in
and call life
Our souls lay dead in our beds
Our souls walk dead in the streets

Shake us, Awake us
So we can see the beauty that
surrounds us
So we can feel your ever lasting
Love that binds us
So we can know: no more, no more
to let go and it will all be done

Sleep no more.
The other side of the track Fool's gold

First you've experienced behind the wall
Then you've experienced the other side when you fall

You get to wear the prettiest veil
You get to watch the unraveling of a wicked tail

You followed everyone but your self
Without even realizing how captive you were held

Sold out every ounce of your soul for cash
Now all you're left with is a terrible rash

Soul's itching but you can't scratch
Wished you could crawl back to where you first hatched

Cover up your foolish tracks
Let All take you back

Flickering in the sunlight
Blinding the crowd

A trap they made for their lives
covered with a beautiful shroud

None can tell the way it was before
Or how it all could have gotten so off shore?!

Bitter fruits


Your fruits, ripe and tasty
Juices flowing out of your mouth
when you eagerly take a bite

Your fruits, bitter and rancid
tasting like acid
when you try to make them my delight

Your soil great in measures as far as the eye can reach
Your soil barren, cold and limited
For me there's nothing you could teach

Empty, walking but standing still
Talking but only silence to kill

Your laws, rightful and just to you
lacking, short sighted, unjust to me

Your system, progressive to you
bounding and aggressive to me

Wake up, open your mind
Wake up and taste the sweet fruits
that ripen you to full bloom

See your land developed without you ploughing
Your heart completed without you yearning
Your system dissolved
integrated without you striving
Fearless, standing tall
Soul straight as an arrow
Slate clean as a whistle
Ready for the call

Fearless, grabbing rays of light
so tight
they're crushed into diamonds
glistering in the sea of the spotless soul
Making me whole
Ready to be ready

Fearless, signs showing the way
forward, right, left
Never back
Laid down for me to follow
Goals always met
never hollow

Fearless, for when started this game
is to win
since this game knows no other way
but fearless you must remain
if you want to stay
Mi ta kla (Papiamentu) The Crossing  

B'a jama'mi?
Mi ta kla! Manera papél machiká
Tirá afó, mi ta désasí di bo!

Desgrasiado ta palabrá sin sa pataka
Desgrasiado ta ataká pa desviá
Pero mi ta kla!

Bek un bia mas
Bo ta kla?
No keda 'tras

Strét bo mes
Net bo kurpa
Limpia bo alma

Pa dilanti

Mi ta kla!
I see you standing there
Wondering which way to go
Know that you already know
You can go anywhere, high or low

Silver wings carry you
This is what you came here to do
So please please please stay a while
Don't let them discourage you
and try

If you take the high or low
Know that you already know
The low will get you to be cold
The high will carry you in a flow

Silver wings carry you
This is what you came here to do
So please please stay a while
Don't let them discourage you
Don't die
Cut the crap   Smile  
Sharpen your axes
Here I come
Straighten your legs
Be ready to run

To your freedom
Which you always had
is the road that lies ahead

Right or left
Cut the crap
It's cutting time
of bounds and straps

He looked around
but couldn't see

He searched for it
but didn't find

Then one day he looked deeper
and saw he was no more confined

He's found a smile
Gust of wind Eyes on the road

A gust of wind is all it takes
The bird doesn't know when the time comes
for the feather to make way
and give a new one a role to play
But when the bird has no more use for it,
it's time to let the feather go
Let it be a thing upon which the wind could blow

Along comes that gust of wind
and away flies the feather free
Carried by the whims of the weather

The only thing the feather knows,
is that it will be lead to a warm home
and the bird will still be wearing it's beautiful clothes

Fast lane, slow lane, no lane
Hovering, covering, recovering
Making sense, less- sense, non- sense
Sensing everything
Making you insane, so sane
Keep your eyes on the road
Before you reload
Aiming at the core before you score
You're torn
What a waist didn't had eyes on the lane
So before you knew it it fried your brain
You were born
I am/Infinite Dive in
Have you ever wondered why you are?
Have you ever wondered what you are?
Have you ever wondered whether you are?
Have you ever wondered if you have possessed?
Have you ever wondered what you have?
Have you ever wondered why you have?

Know that you are.
Know that whoever you are you are free.
Know that you are because of love.
Know that you don't possess.
Know that you have it all.
Know that you have because you are.

There she was,
waiting for the chance
to dive in to the water

But the water wasn't there...

Dive in anyway they said,
the water will come in due time
It will be there when you reach it
in time for you to dive into it
Gevangen in vrijheidCaptive in freedom

Uren, dagen, weken, maanden, jaren,
eeuwen gingen er voorbij.
Ontelbare momenten gegrift
in het geheugen, verlangend naar
een zucht van vrijheid.
Slechts een zucht was wat hij wilde.
Maar een zucht van vrijheid is
als een beetje liefde.

Het onmetelijke gevangen in een
keurslijf van maat.
Een beetje liefde.
Een beetje vrijheid.
Een gevangenis van maat.

Hij was gelukkig met zijn tevredenheid,
maar niet vrij genoeg om voor het
ultieme bevrijdende gelukzaligheid te gaan.
Gevangen in zijn verlangen dat een doel
op zich is geworden, bleef hij
uren, dagen weken, maanden, jaren, eeuwen
gevangen in vrijheid.

Hours, days, weeks, months, years,
centuries went by.
Countless moments engraved in memory,
yearning for a hint of freedom.
Just a hint was what he wanted.
But a hint of freedom is as
a little love.

The immeasurable held captive in a
container of measurement.
A little bit of love.
A little bit of freedom.
A prison of measure.

He was satisfied in his contentment, but not
free enough to reach for the full liberating
glory of bliss.
Imprisoned in his desire which became
a goal itself, he stayed hours, days, weeks,
months, years, centuries, captive in freedom.
Some kind of StupidDrop

Diputs was the name
of a community that found them selves
far away from where they came

A brain moving their body
without going forward
Who wouldn't feel sorry?

The Diputs did some stupid shit
Day in day out they tried their luck
without a chance to make a hit
they ended up getting stuck

They were made of flesh,
had a beating heart
Yet still each one lived apart
Yearning for the warmth
they made an artificial bond
and killed all that was real
just to make sure they wouldn't kneel
It has cost them their heart

They forgot their source
because they fell asleep
But now, who's going to heal the seal?

First drop fell in the center
Second fell on the left
Third on the right
And on it went all night

Center, left, right
Center, left, right
Center, left, right

Nothing fell in between nor
on any other spot
it was the routine
yet full was the plane
by the time it had stopped
Shine Realness!Walk on by

Keep it Real!
Always reveal
the true soul
you carry with you

Let it shine
Let it thrive
'cause that's the
reason you're still alive

Don't cover up
Don't stand in line or lie
with all the billions
who are dead and dry

Shine in reality
Don't let them tell you
it's insanity
Know that it's all Divinity

You feel it's right
When you hear the beat
of your heart singing to you
“It's never hard”

You feel the love of all creation
when your back is straightened
by true dignity and liberation

Some walk by the flesh
Some walk by the soul
Little rest to walk by the flesh
Always whole to walk by the soul
Sick of it

No, no, no!
Tell me about what's positive.
Not about the things that make you sick of it.
You found it yet?
All right let's have it
So we can relax and loose the baggage.
SeeerDo you ever wonder

Seeer, seeer, what do you see?
A tree with leafs as green as beans.

Dreamer, dreamer, what do you dream?
To be as free as dreams can be.

Lover, lover, what do you love?
A light so bright that shines as I.

Fearer, fearer, what do you fear?
I fear the tears of dreams not revealed.

Enlightened, enlightened, what do you enlighten?
I shine the light of love that unites.

Do you ever wonder why you sit around and ponder?
We are swimming in a sea of endless opportunities
Countless blessings coming our way every day
Yet we sit around and say "come what may".
We are director, actor, creator
We don't have to wait for things to change and say
I hope, I want, I wish in a desperate rage.

The elements, the animals, the naturals, all are ready for our call
For the day we start collaborating with them all
Saying I know, I have, It is so.
Let's all be united in our goal to grow
and get to know the power bestowed.

Flocks herding together

in the presumed safety
of the fellow species
Only to see
when the mist clears
that the other isn't a brother

Drops of water
evaporating towards the beautiful blue sky
joining each other
only to see that when all of them combine
the sight of heaven
is taken from their eyes

Only one stands in front of the gate
before entering
Only One unites with All Divinity
Only One makes part of the whole
Only One is enough to clear
the mist and bind All

We must learn to love
without the container
Feel what love really feels like
in its true form,
in its formlessness

Containers reduce love to form
Love at birth
Love at death
Love for a lover, brother, mother
Love's form doesn't depend on its receiver

Love is always constant
Always the same
Always nurturing
Doesn't evoke anything else but love
True, eternal, nurturing.
StilteMoney, money, money

Luide stemmen fluisteren
naar de wind
De wind hoorde hen aan
alsof ze hoorde hoe het begon
Een wijsheid die alleen het
luide gefluister kent
Een wijsheid van weten wie je bent

Zo begon het lang geleden,
maar toch nu hier in het heden,
met de kracht van een stem
waarvan de gedachten fluisterden:
“Wij zijn”,
“Wij zijn”,
en ze waren.

Ze waren samen en toch ieder één
Gemaakt uit het luide gefluister
naar de wind
Ergens hier diep binnenin
is deze wetenschap
en dat laat ons nimmer leeg

All the systems that are in place
extinct without delay
Were you meant to be enslaved
by wages that hardly sustain?
Money, supposed to be for even exchange
Now it has gotten you all deranged
Not to speak of it's phantom value
or interest rate

Praying to a Paper god
Defined by our bank accounts
Like zombies we progress
Day in day out without a sound
our morals digressed, we fully obsess
So let us assess how to get out of this mess
New ways ought to be sought
we can't keep holding our eyes shot
PowerThe center

I am flesh, blood, bone,

Spirit and Soul
Buried deep into the core of my Mother
Reaching far up absorbing the rays of my Father
Infinitely Powerful
Infinitely Beautiful
Infinitely Truthful

Connecting the connections
Liberating the liberated
Finding the found
Uniting the Whole
Easing the peaceful
Illuminating the light

All where the power resides.

When you're in the center of it all

spin around and see all the scenes of life's cuisine
But hold on tight!
Get dizzy and you might need some morphine
for what you see might not have a vaccine
when you fall in the distractions that seem so real

You might use a bright light a candle or whatever you can handle
at the end of the day be sure your soul's lit
to make this ride a delight and all the pieces fit

Is it better on the edge
where you can overlook the ledge?
Where you can see the roots of creation,
finally find some liberation?

Or is it better in the center
where all concentrates before you enter
In the middle for a 360 degree show?

Who knows...


Life itself doesn't have any value

It's what you do with it that creates its worth or dearth
Life it self is empty, just a shell
waiting for you

And when you decide to come to earth,
You can choose to let it pass away, go by like a one day fly,
or you can fill it with all the wonders you pick up on your way
before it's time to end your stay

Life itself doesn't have any value
No rules set in stone that say you should live it this way
and this way alone
Life itself is incomplete, created by all the players you meet

But the outer experiences are only that.
It is still you who decides who's staying for truth to replenish your roots
or who's to forget
Life consists of what you can see, hear, feel,
isn't that what we agreed to agree?

Walk a bit farther to where it seems you can't take it any further
and you'll see a world opening beyond sight, sound or physical sensation
Where you decide the speed, space and acceleration
Where life itself is all and nothing,
you; alone and united, beyond grieve
Life itself is what you believe

Once I knew you.

You never left my side.
We've been together for so long,
Now I can't imagine you back in my life.

It's a good thing I let go
to be free of the pace of fast and slow.
Now gentle, easy, natural is the pace of the flow.

You will pass.
You will loop again and again.
I will still be there, but
I won't hold your hand.
I will be free of looking to catch up with you too.
So, time my friend, we part at last.

Sit 'n See
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