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Gougondesign, a multidisciplinary company offering art, design and creative - spiritual workshops started out from the ideology that every person can develop their true potential.

After embarking on a journey exploring my creativity and spirituality more intensively I founded Gougondesign in it's current form in 2010. My education in Arts and Design and Arts and Education and my spiritual insight and intuitiveness make the ingredients for this platform.

I believe in the power we all have to awaken our true potentials to achieve, create and manifest our dreams and goals. Not only by learning new things, but mostly by learning to acknowledge what is already there.

By offering you my visual artistic and spiritual work I try to help manifest this ideology in others and in myself. 

Our Services

|Commision an (esoteric) painting
|Buy Art
|Workshop Intuitive painting
               Active meditation walk
|Sign up for meditation at work


My painting style is mostly abstract with figurative elements. Obvious is a strong use of color and the wavy organic flow of lines and forms. Sometimes with deeper symbolic meaning, sometimes with surreal elements, the subjects I use often have to do with human and general developments, interactions, transformation and spiritual enlightenment. How do things transform, what is the essence of things when the illusion is unmasked? Everything we perceive with our senses is build out of energy, so as an intuitive painter I try to translate these "energetic" experiences and observations into my work.

Achieving balance and harmony is crucial in my work.

Because you will have to feel your way through my paintings to grasps what they're saying, the spectator is challenged to let go of reason and enter the world of energetic manifestations.

Lately I've been exploring my creative origins: three dimensional work. This is still in a development state.

Are you touched by my art and are you interested to buy or want to know more? Let me know and I'll be happy to help you. You can also make an appointment to view art work in person.

Commission an Esoteric painting/drawing

Spiritual painting made especially for your situation.

Example Wedding gift

An esoteric painting portrays a certain part of someone's life, an object or a situation. Everything and every being is formed by energy and this energy vibrates according to it's own frequency. All this can be translated onto a painting. The painting is formed intuitively so that the person it's for can receive valuable information in an artistic way.

Example "New Future"   Example: Wedding gift

Example: Beacon

Contact me to discuss your wishes without obligation.

More information

Or Commision a personal drawing, A3 size

Belonging and Love In the beginning The state of the nervous system
"Belonging and Love"
Drawing A3
"In the beginning"
Drawing A3
"The state of the nervous system"
Drawing A3

Buy Art

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Buy Art work

I like it! How do I buy it?

  •     seven days evaluation period
  •     Shipping within 7 days (excluding commissions)
  •     Delivered with art Certificate
  •     Shipping or personal pick up

If you see art work you like and would like to buy you can send me an email with your request or you can call me with your request and address information.

All prices mentioned on the website are including BTW (VAT) unless otherwise stated but without shipping and packaging costs and other cost related to bank payment in your country or government import duty or other duties that may be required in your country.

After I receive your payment for the art you'd like to purchase, the art work will be carefully packaged and send to you by post or courier (depending on the size) by recorded delivery (your signature is required).
It is also possible to pick up your art work personally. In that case you will receive a receipt with all the details of your purchase.
When shipped I try my best to send the art work within 7 days. This does not apply for commissions. For these pieces we will discuss the duration depending on size, material, imagery, etc.


Contract & Certificate

  • When you buy your art work online at Gougondesign you will receive a purchase contract containing further details of guarantee and terms and conditions. The same applies when you pick up the art work in person.

  • The art work will come with a certificate of authenticity.

Evaluation period & return shipping

If the package is showing any damage you can refuse the package at the door. If you find out the art work is damaged  inside the package due to transportation you have to notify me by writing within two days or as soon as you detect the issue so we can discuss further procedure.

You may evaluate the art work for seven (7) days. After this period I hope you are still happy with your art and want to keep it. But if not, you can return the art work by first notifying me in writing. State the reason you're returning the art work in your letter or e-mail.

In case of refunds you will get the amount you paid for the art work back within 30 days of our agreement, minus any bank fees related to your country.

In case you received a damaged art work, let me know the nature of the damage. Only after my written agreement you can return the art work to Gougondesign in it's original package. You should package the art work in it's original package in a way to avoid damage in any way you can. (Bare in mind that if it's a painting the corners can be delicate so these have to be given extra attention). If it's an art work that has to be handled in a specific way I will let you know. When I get the art work it should be in the same condition you received it. You will sent the art work via insured shipping as registered mail (requires signature from me). Shipping costs are for the customer.

Keep your proof of posting receipt (with the tracking code) you get from the post office carefully. This is proof that you've shipped the art work to me.


Creative Power

I believe everyone benefits by cultivating their own creative force, which will guide a person closer to his core being.
The creative process in this sense is a form of expression of the soul and is a natural state of being. This is often forgotten. If I'm able to spread some kind of harmony with my work, part of my goal is accomplished. I hope my work will also inspire others to manifest their own harmony.

Under my lead you can experience your own creative force in a workshop Intuitive Painting. 

Read more about it here. 


Geneviève Gougon


1994-1998 Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden- Art & Design - Spacial design and presentation

1998 Art Academy Constantijn Huygens- Kampen- Interior Architecture (accepted in 2nd year)

1998-2000 Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden- Art & Education - Art Teaching degree 


2017 Galery Restaurant de Kamer Emmen Solo exhibition
2015 Interieur design store Flier Emmen group exhibition
2014 Experience market Emmen group exhibition
2013 Odds and Ends Emmen
2013 Optician Emmen
2013 Public library Emmen (duo exhibit)
2011 Art Event Emmen Run2day Sports wear
2011 Art Event Emmen Cartouche lady's fashion
2011 Leveste Hospital Emmen
2010 't Vlechtwerk Center Noordwolde


Geneviève Gougon was born in 1975 on the island of Curaçao in the Dutch caribbean. She moved to the Netherlands when she was ten years old. Creating has always been something she liked to do. Making something out of nothing.   
During her bachelor studies Art and Design  (spacial presentation/design) and subsequently the studies for her teaching degree in visual arts education, both finished at the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden, she was educated in various processes of creation in different disciplines of arts and applied arts and design.

Spiritual processes

Spiritual processes are in broad sense very important in my paintings. My own spiritual process has led to various experiences of awakening,  the sense of enlightenment and an intenser experience of Oneness with our Source. These processes have given me more and more insight into earthly matters, but mostly also beyond that and in the human condition. I translate these insights onto my paintings.  

Balanced CreationDe Opening

The road an idea travels from within the mind to the exterior where it manifests itself, I find very fascinating and it gives me the confidence that everything you can imagine, you can also manifest. The possibilities are infinite. The challenge is to find the right way to convey that which you want to manifest. Whichever medium I chose to manifest my ideas with, I like to follow my own path.

I let myself be inspired by
whatever it is 
I encounter on that path. I prefer to do this  outside of the established boundaries and set boxes, of which there are far too many. In this way a manifestation develops in the process, where only one thing is crucial; balance and harmony.

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