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Centering meditation

Sit down or lay down relaxed with your hands resting on your lap when sitting down or along side of your body when laying down. Take time to consciously notice yourself sitting down or laying in the room. Notice your breathing. It's calm and effortless. Breath in....breath out. Let all the thoughts that come up be, don't try to stop them. Keep taking notice of your breathing. In...out...

Visualize yourself standing on a platform in an empty room without walls. Around you there is nothing. Use your creativity to fill in this empty space if you like or leave it empty if you prefer.

Then focus on your body. You are in the room with no walls. Your body is in the room. Scan your body from the top down to your feet. Take time to notice all the parts of your body. Be aware of your physical presence. Feel your feet, your ankles, your legs, hips, lower abdomen, your stomach, your torso, your shoulders, neck, head. The eyes, nose, lips, ears. The back of your head. Your backside. Notice your bones, the fluids running through your body, notice everything you consist of...lungs, heart...

Move on to your energy. Be aware of your energy. Who are you? Who are you in spirit, who are you in earth sense. Say your name. Feel your energy filling the room you're in. How far does it reach? Still standing on the platform in the room with no walls. Like the hot surface of a roof in the summer heat your energy vibrates vigorously from out of your body filling the room, expanding. Your energy is infused with Divine light. You are sparkling! You feel light and upbeat. Imagine the purest love you've ever felt. Let this love fuse together with your energy. Divine light and love are healing you, protecting you, nurturing you. It's all yours to keep. Your body, your energy, your light, your love. Your own your space.

Feel this sparkling light entering your physical body. Your body, mind, soul...all of your energy is One with this Divine Light and Love. You are Light. You are Love. Releassssse. Deep breath. Innnn......Out. You feel calm, relaxed, positive. You are centered, merged together with the Light Source. Centered. Peaceful.

Take your time to take in this feeling. Remember what if feels like to be this centered.

When you're ready, move your arms, your legs, stretch your body gently, without over-stretching. Open your eyes. Gently stand up and take a moment to fully get back in this moment. Here and now on earth in your body. From your center you can connect with others with a fresh view. From your center you can give and receive freely all that is positive. From your center you can create. From your center you can understand.

Spiritual articles

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"Visual artists or anyone who creates often reflects the world they live in into their art or creation in one way or another. For me this is no different. Through my paintings, poems and designs I reflect the world we live in but I also reflect the world that is not so obvious when looking only with our five senses. The spiritual world is just as evident as the world we see manifesting in our day to day life. Were we only able to see it......." Read more  (published in Curacao Chronicle March 2014)

Human co-creator
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Plenty vs. Scarcity

When mankind designed this world, he started building out off the idea that everything is limited and only so much is possible and no more. Read more

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The Universe revolves around you!
Everything in our Universe has been carefully designed. From the littlest of organism to the biggest of mammal. Everything has it's place and function. Read more
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